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Wedding Videographer
This you'll watch and share with your children not yet born. This is the one with the happy tears!

Party Videographer
This is full of surprises because no two parties are alike! Photo Shows available. This is the one that makes you laugh!

Funeral Videos
This is starlight & time in a bottle, connecting the generations. This is the one that helps you process your emotions.

Talent Reel Videos
This is Burbank! Of course I cut talent reels! Taylored to your wishes, this is the video that makes you dazzle!

Photo Slide Shows
Photo Montages, Motion Picture Shows or Slideshows (as your grandma would call them) are a wonderful and meaningful addition to any party, reception of memorial service.

This site demonstrates the work of an all-in-1 crew of AFI trained script supervisors, LMU trained editors, independent filmmakers & videographers, Meisner-style actors, script editors, musicians and ASL signers. We have a demonstrated track record of reliable work quality from 13 years of full time business experience and we (me, myself and I) are ready to serve you - affordably and cheerfully. What's your budget? Call or text us at 818-848-7472.

  • Fairytale Carriage Wedding at Disneyland
  • Our First Dance Video Altadena Town & Country Club
  • Ethan & Ceitli Flamenco Dance Video
  • Bride & Groom Get-Away Video
  • Military Honors Flag Folding
  • Horse Draw Hearse Carriage

Real Thank-You Notes

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  • We loved our wedding video!
  • Thank you so much for the tribute video.
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  • Wedding video is better than photography
  • High expectations for video
  • Wedding video production review
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