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I was born in Oregon, spent my childhood in South San Francisco and my youth in Modesto, California. I have lived in Burbank since January 7, 1996. I started working with Super8 Film when I was about 14 years old - creating stop-motion claymation shorts. My friends and I made several narrative shorts using Super8 Kodachrome before we switched to Hi8 Video and made a few longer projects. I worked as a roller-skating carhop at the A&W Drive-In for 4 years and we made a commercial for them. I studied film production and film editing at Loyola Marymount University in 1994 and graduated from George Fox University in 1995. I interned at Warner Brothers. I do acting from time to time and my first and most famous role was that of a townswoman in Back to the Future 3. I trained as a Script Supervisor at the American Film Institute in 1996. I am presently a contractor with the City of Burbank Public Information Office. I moonlight as a Lyft driver sometimes so I can talk to people (videographers/editors have surprisingly few social opportunities!)

I formally started my videography business in 2002 after being laid off from Walt Disney Imagineering where I worked for 5 years (when the design phase of our project, Tokyo DisneySea, was complete). Carol videotaping a children's tea party

My philosophy in business is kindness, quality and affordability. That's why I have chosen a camera package of 4 cameras instead of just one really expensive one. I can get lots of great coverage that way. Sometimes a second camera operator is needed but I've never needed more than that.

I've filmed some breathtaking weddings and parties! The Kodak Theater was unforgettable in 2008! Wonderland Tea Party was pure magic in 2015! Yacht wedding cruises in Newport Beach in 2004 were so refreshing! Filming a Firefighter's memorial in 2016 was a profound honor. I love filming childbirth videos now.

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I archive all of my work so that clients can use it in the future. I invite all clients to stay connected with me on facebook. You never know what the future might bring! My couples from the early millennium originally received their weddings on VHS before the invention of DVDs but they are now able to access those videos online in better quality.....because I saved everything. This is the stuff of life.

Employer/Client List

Amblin Entertainment
A&W Drive-In
Baron-Brown Acting Studio
Bodega Chocolates
Bill Cooke Productions
CBS News
City of Burbank
Happy Married Couples 
National Charity League, Burbank
deSouza Productions 
Disney Art Editions
PAX Television 
Walt Disney Imagineering
Warner Brothers
Independent film producers  


Grace Davis High School
Modesto Junior College
Oholone College
Loyola Marymount University
George Fox University
American Film Institute

And if you're still curious, here's a speech I gave in 2014  
Photography isn't the same as Videography boys aren't the same as girls. Read More...

Did you know:
Hollywood movies seldom include videographers in wedding scenes. If we do appear, we are obnoxious comedy or we are murderers.


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