Charity Ball Videography

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To create a fun and lively memory of your very successful event! Also useful for promotional footage for future use.

If you want videography that is smooth and comprehensive, I'm your best choice. If you want a video that will be fun, festive and full of life - I'm the one for you.

Do you respect a film school education from LMU and AFI? Then I the one for you. If you want stills extracted from the video and made into a terrific photo book - I can do that (these are great!)

Your video will be delivered to you quickly and electronically so that you can make it available to others. If you want standard DVD or HD Blu-Ray copies - of course, you can order those anytime.


Here is a brief sample from a National Charity League Ball at the Biltmore.

Party Photo Book


Party Video Prices

Simple Documentary Coverage
$300 for 3 hours coverage

I'll walk around your party space capturing footage of everything I can. Silent auction baskets, people finding their seats, buffet table, decorations etc. I use two cameras during those times when public speaking is going on so we can see the audience as well as the speaker. The price includes all the editing and electronic delivery within about 3 weeks. The private video link will be e-mailed to you and you can share it and download the video. Use this price for charity events with fewer than 60 guests.

NCL Presentation Ball (or similar)
$1000 for 5 hours coverage

I use all of my cameras to cover this event because there is so much to see all at once. The Presentation and Rose ceremony are covered from the floor with my main camera while other strategically placed cameras look on. The waltz is likewise covered from all angles. The cost can be spread out evenly between the graduates. Add $20 for each uniquely labeled and individually programmed DVD & BD copy. The price includes editing and electronic delivery in about six weeks.

Party Review

I can edit all the great shots from the event together into one brief highlight review video for you. Choose your own song. Delivered electronically.

Option Extras

Photo Book Design . . . . . . . . . $250
Up to 100 pictures are extracted from the High Definition video footage and laid out in a custome designed hardback coffee table photo book. You will receive an electronic version and you can request changes. You can even supply extra pictures from your phone or other digital source. When you are satisfied with it, order copies directly from the Shutterfly website for approximately $40 each (depending on current discounts). VIEW A SAMPLE

Photo Montage . . . . . . . . $50/minute
Pictures are touched-up and edited with nice backgrounds and set to your chosen song. This is a show that you screen before a large audience. Requires 2 weeks advanced planning. 4 minutes minimum. 50 pictures minimum.

Motion Picture Show . . . . . . $100/minute
Pictures are carefully touched up, color-corrected and sometimes colorized. This is a very polished, carefully edited show set to your favorite songs. You can request a few changes after the first cut is finished. If you want to change the music or tweak a lot of little things then be advised that my editing rate becomes an additional $50/hr Requires at least 4 days advanced planning. 6 minutes minimum. 70 pictures minimum. Video clips optional.

Photo Loop . . . . . . . . $20/minute
Pictures are cleaned up and color-corrected a little bit and then laid down over a nice background with cinematic transitions. There is no music with this video because it is intended to run as a looping (or repeating) presentation on a screen during a Viewing Service or Reception Luncheon where people can come look at it when they want to. In this case, you will surely not want to hear the same song playing over and over again. 4 minutes minimum. 30 pictures minimum

Every video outside of Burbank incurs a travel charge of $1.00 per mile, round-trip.

DVD or Blu-Ray disks
may be ordered separately for
$15/25 each
Party Disk Label


All videos are booked with a contract which will be e-mailed to you.
But first, check her availability.