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Use pictures to take a walk down memory lane and bring your audience with you! A photo montage set to music tells a chronological story that is emotionally evocative. It is projected on a big screen before a watching crowd. Excellent for anniversaries, milestone birthdays, weddings and funerals.

Your music selections tell me a lot about your style. Pictures are displayed in a way that enables viewers to recognize the people in them - that's most important. Themes and motions can be added when appropriate.

I've got a film school education from LMU and AFI. Do you appreciate the subtleties of a 3-act story structure and proper film grammar? I will admit to being an old fashioned filmmaker so I abhor "cheap tricks" and excessive filters & effects. Pure and simple are best. I often spend hours cleaning up your old photographs and colorizing select black & white ones to add vigor. These are high class shows!

If you want a high definition video file delivered to you quickly and electronically so that you can e-mail the vimeo link to your friends and family - this is the place.

Here is a brief video summary of the Photo Shows.


The Photo Show Menu

Photo Montage

Pictures are touched-up and edited with nice backgrounds and set to your chosen song. This is a show that you screen before a large audience. Requires 2 weeks advanced planning if you wish to show it at a party. 4 minutes minimum. 40 pictures minimum.

Motion Picture Show
$100/ minute

Pictures are carefully touched up, color-corrected and sometimes colorized. This is a very polished, carefully edited show set to your favorite songs. You can request a few changes after the first cut is finished. Major changes become an additional $50/hr. Requires at least 4 days advanced planning if you wish to show it at a funeral. 2 weeks advance planning if it's for a party. 6 minutes minimum. 70 pictures minimum. Video clips optional.

Photo Loop

Pictures are cleaned up and color-corrected a little bit and then laid down over a nice background with cinematic transitions. There is classical music with this video but it is intended to run as a looping (or repeating) presentation as a preshow or sideshow. 4 minutes minimum. 30 pictures minimum

Photo Book

Convert your event video into a photo book! HD video stills are extracted from the video I took at your event and are presented in a 20 page photo book. Ideal for funerals (because videographers are less obtrusive than photographers) and children's parties (because budgets are often smaller). This price covers the design of the book. When design is complete, you can look at it online and suggest changes or add text. When you're happy with it, you can order published copies directly from the shutterfly website using your credit card (and a discount code). Copies are usually $40-50. *I can create a photo book out of any video you may have.

Party Photo Book

Party Disk LabelParty Disk Label

DVD or Blu-Ray disks may be ordered separately for $15/25 each

All videos are booked with a contract.
Travel fee is $1.00 per mile.
But first, check Carol’s availability by texting 818-848-7472