Party Videography

The Party Video Page

To capture a representative sampling of your acting, dancing or singing talent to send it to an agent...or anyone else you want to impress.

Everyone is different and every movie is different. Acting carries every story and editing should be invisible.

My film school education from LMU centered in editing. My Script Supervising education from AFI is likewise an editing-oriented study. I learned my craft on a movieola cutting Gunsmoke with lots of Old School patience. Just what you need.

A high definition video file will be delivered to you quickly and electronically in most cases.

Here are some samples. Short films I have edited are viewable by private link only. Just ask.


Party Video Prices

Auditions . . . . . . . $50 each
Includes up to 30 minutes to record your performance followed by technical work to process the files and deliver it to the email addresses of your choice. The whole effort usually takes about an hour. Stage includes black background and chalkboard cue-cards if you need them.

Your Stage Production . . . . . . . $600 for 2 hours coverage
A stage play with multiple actors similar to the Shakespearian review sampled above would require the placement of several cameras - two of which are remote controlled. The price includes all the editing and electronic delivery within about 3 weeks.

Talent Reel . . . . . . . . $50 per hour
Bring me your media files or DVDs or VHS tapes containing your work and together we'll put together a nice tight overview sampling of your best work.

Shoot a Scene or Two . . . . . . . $100/hr to Shoot, $50/hr to edit
Bring your well-rehearsed and completely memorized scene and we'll block it and plan it for an hour before shooting it someplace appropriate. This includes up to two cameras, lapel mics and some kick light. I only ask that you keep the content clean and smoke-free.

First thing first.
Preparation, organization.
When you're ready, check Carol’s availability.